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Crafting the very best family products in the kindest way.

Putting your baby’s health and future first at every step.

Founder's Note

We're Akin & Cam, two loving uncles who started MORI to give parents clothing essentials that they trusted were soft and safe for their baby; keeping them comfortable so they are happy and sleep well.

The idea came to us when we were looking for gifts for our nieces and nephews. We wanted to buy something that they really needed, and something that was thoughtful and special enough to gift.

Babies spend 80% of their time in baby clothing essentials such as onesies, and the majority of this time they spend asleep. Therefore, what their clothing is made from and how they are designed determines their level of comfort but how well they sleep.

Sleep is not only vital for your little ones' development and growth, but also for the whole family; better relationships are formed when everyone is rested and happy.

With a heritage rooted in textiles, we called on our close family and friends in Turkey to begin the process of crafting the softest and safest quality baby essentials.

We travelled far and wide to sample the very best baby clothing and learn from parents and maternity experts about what they really needed.

The materials and fabrics we use is the result of months of extensive research. Our fabrics are unique and our craftsmanship is the best in the world.

Baby’s health will always be our number one priority, and that’s why everything is crafted from natural, soft & environmentally conscious fabrics to ensure baby’s comfort to help them sleep better.

Be kind, always. x

The Softest & Safest

We believe that ingredients are what makes us, and if we look after these then everyone is taken care of. Organic cotton and bamboo is the ideal fabric for a baby’s sensitive skin as it is not only super soft, but it is processed without the use of harmful chemicals, promoting clean air, water and soil.

MORI 森 or もり means "forest" in Japanese, which is our nod to the purity of nature.


At MORI, we take a simple approach to product design. We believe that if you’re going to make something, make it well and make it useful.

Everything we create is crafted for your baby's health, future and comfort first, as well as ease of care. Our uncomplicated style and neutral colour palette – inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese style - means that outfits can be mixed & matched, so less time is spent deciding what to put on your little one and they can be passed down from one sibling to another.


Our values reflect our love for the planet, and the drive to protect the next generation.

We are in the early stages of learning that despite our sustainability efforts, babywear still has an impact on the environment, so we are continuously working to reduce those harms. We use organic cotton and bamboo, rather than pesticide-intensive cotton, we recycle and we reduce our packaging wherever we can. We encourage a more mindful way of life and most of all, we are kind; always.

The Kindness Project


Looking for inspiration? Join us @babymoriuk

Our devotion to making parents' lives better and happier extends beyond our collection of baby essentials – it’s also about the moments we help to create for families all around the world. A better sleep, a more comfortable day, and a happier baby all round.

We share happy MORI moments over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @babymoriuk #MORImoments

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