baby sleeping bags

Our collection of baby sleeping bags & newborn swaddle bags are thoughtfully crafted in our signature organic cotton and bamboo fabric to ensure your little one sleeps soundly at night and naptime.

MORI's organic baby sleeping bags are available in a range of colours and prints, as well as a number of different TOGs to suit every season and climate. The TOG determines the thickness of the sleeping bag, so the lower the rating, the cooler it is. For the warmer months, or whilst you’re on holiday, our 0.5 TOG summer sleeping bags will help your baby or toddler keep cool all night. As the temperature drops and the chillier seasons draw in, keep them snug in a 2.5 TOG winter sleeping bag. The versatile 1.5 TOG can be used throughout the year by changing the layers worn underneath.

Our bestselling Clever Sleeping Bag is innovatively designed to ensure little ones have a safe sleep. It features a double-directional zip for quick changes and a clever opening for a pushchair so they can sleep undisturbed on the move. As your child grows, the sleeping bag’s length can be adjusted to fit from 8-9lbs (4kgs) up to 2 years.

Our newborn baby swaddle bag has been designed to replicate the natural cuddle of the womb so new arrivals feel comforted and safe when they sleep.

















Sleeping Bags FAQs

Why do I need a baby sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags provide a familiar sleeping environment for your little one, so they associate being placed inside one with going to bed especially helpful on holidays or visiting other people’s houses.

Because there’s no need for blankets, they reduce the likelihood of your baby waking up cold because they’ve kicked off the covers.

Are sleeping bags safe for babies?

The Lullaby Trust, a charity which promotes safer sleep for babies, lists a sleeping bag as an essential product in their guide. A baby sleeping bag is a safe option as they prevent a little one’s head from being covered, plus they’re available in a variety of TOGs so you can choose the right one for the season.

What TOG should my baby’s sleeping bag be?

The TOG determines the thickness of the sleeping bag, the higher the rating, the warmer it is. Our sleeping bags are available in 3 TOGs; 2.5 for winter, 1.5 sleeping bag which is suitable for year-round use in the British climate and 0.5 TOG which has no padding for summer & holidays.

What should my baby wear underneath a sleeping bag?

Babies can’t regular their temperature well, so dressing them appropriately is very important to keep them safe and comfortable. All of our sleeping bags are made from breathable, thermoregulating and moisture-wicking organic fabrics to keep babies at the ideal temperature all night.

Here is our baby sleeping bag guide on what layers & TOGs should be worn when

How many sleeping bags does my baby need?

We recommend investing in 2 sleeping bags for your baby or toddler, this means you can have one on the go whilst the other is in the wash. You can buy a summer & winter TOG, or 2 of our year-round 1.5 versions. We also sell a Multi TOG option with removable inner padding to transform it from a 2.5 TOG to a 0.5. Learn more about our Multi TOG sleeping bag.

What makes a MORI sleeping bag a good choice?

As well as being made from the softest, safest fabrics, our sleeping bags are designed with plenty of features to make bedtime simpler. We’ve added zip fastenings for quicker changes, adjustable lengths to fit newborns up to 2 years and pushchair openings so they sleep on the move. Read more about our bestselling sleeping bag.

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