Inspiring Lives 20: #WhatWillOurKidsThink Campaign with Cora Hilts

We're excited to announce we have partnered with Reve En Vert, an online platform that is a positive alternative to other shopping experiences, where everything available to buy has been consciously made and curated to ensure it is sustainable and protecting the planet. Founder Cora Hilts has now launched a campaign called #WhatWillOurKidsThink, which is an initiative to encourage brands and consumers to craft and buy in a way that considers our environmental impact and how this will affect generations to come.

We asked Cora a few questions about why she is so passionate about this cause, more about the campaign and how you can get involved!

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Where did the idea for REV originally come from, and why were you inspired to make that idea become a reality?

Four years ago I was getting a Master’s degree in Environmental Politics when my professor happened to mention that behind oil & gas, fashion was the second most polluting industry on earth. It struck me in a way that demanded action. I wanted to create an online site that made shopping sustainably both luxurious and easy – a curated platform of the best brands producing ethically and challenging the status quo of fashion that cost the earth

In what ways does sustainability have an impact when it comes to the fashion industry?

The issue of sustainability is inherent in all aspects of fashion. We can look at the carbon footprint of shipping materials, samples and finalized products internationally or we can look at the toxic dyes that colour some of our favourite items. The environmental and social damages are rampant, so it is amazing to come across brands like MORI that take all of these factors into consideration!

Can you describe a little about your new campaign #WhatWillOurKidsThink?

This campaign was something that came to life in quite a personal way. When I was actually playing with my fiancé’s niece, Mimi, who is two. I was thinking, what will the world look like for her when she’s my age – will there be so much plastic in the ocean she can no longer eat fish? Will climate change mean summers that are too hot? Or will the dyes from our constant need for fast fashion have finally stained all the rivers fully coloured? It would not have been her fault, but she would have been left this world by our generation not paying attention to the warning signs and changing our ways. The idea was that the campaign could highlight how the decisions we make today are so important as they dictate the future, and the world we are set to leave out children if we do not make significant changes.

In an ideal world what would be the outcome of the campaign and how is it designed to protect the planet for future generations?

An ideal outcome would be effect change in all of those who come across it – to make people stop and think that as consumers we make choices every day that dictate the sort of world we live in. From buying local and organic to getting rid of single-use plastics, there are small steps we can make every single day to improve the state of the world. We just need top open our eyes and ears to what those changes need to be and start talking about them! I hope we start many a conversation.

How can others get involved with this campaign?

We will be giving away What Will Our Kids Think tote bags with every purchase through our collaboration with MORI and I hope they are used for talking points – they have bold messaging on them so when you wear one people tend to ask about it. The response will hopefully be that you choose to support the campaign by dedicating yourself to living better in small ways for the next generation’s sake. You can also join the conversation on social media with #WhatWillOurKidsThink, we will be rolling out some really exciting editorial content in the coming months around this conversation!

If you could have one dream come true for sustainability, what would it be?

Right now, it would be to get rid of plastic within the fashion supply chain!  Having watched Blue Planet II I have never been more committed to getting this harmful substance out of our dealings at Rêve En Vert and spread the word about it to our community.

Do you feel positive that together as a community, we can all make a difference to the environment and help to protect it?

Absolutely. I started a business instead of going into politics (which was my original plan) because I felt that I could actually connect to more people, more intimately, this way and it has worked out for me as I feel like I have a voice and a dialogue within an incredible network of people who are interested in sustainability. Our customers prove they believe in ethical alternatives to fashion and lifestyle, and the more I am in this industry I see that designers and business are going green. That is down to consumer demand and media attention and shows that we really do have a vote each and every time we shop. I think that is one of the most empowering thoughts in the world today and I truly hope and believe this is the future – a better, greener, world.    

For your chance to win a MORI Sleeper Set worth £158 and a £150 to spend with Reve En Vert, just head to this link! By getting involved with sustainable fashion you can help to make a difference to the planet, and ensure our future generations have a beautiful place to grow up in.

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