Mum Diary: Keeping Fit and Healthy Through January

The best advice often comes from parents that have the first-hand experience and can give their guidance to others. Every month we have Personal Trainer and busy working mum of three, Holly Newman, sharing how she keeps fit and healthy whilst running around with the children.

bird dog pose for yoga and exerciseMy January Diary

As we all know it is a little tougher to stick to the exercise plan and easy to fall into unhealthy habits after a couple of weeks of being out of the normal routine. I for one am feeling a little bloated and lacking in energy.

But returning to healthy patterns makes me feel good and gives me the energy boost I need to cope with a busy family and work life. 

So, I’m starting now as I write this, to eat clean, hydrate and step up my exercise, which I find so much easier to do when I’m eating and sleeping well and generally in a good routine.

It feels kind of nice to get back into the swing of things after the holidays not just for me but for the whole family.  We are saying goodbye to morning advent calendar requests (I must remember what amazing chocolate free advent calendars there are available next year) and hello porridge, fruit and a few walks to school each week. January I’m ready for you!

My Exercise of the Month

The bird dog. After I’ve done a good warm-up and some dynamic stretches, as part of my main workout, I like to add in x 10 alternating Bird Dogs to strengthen my core.  I focus on slow, controlled movements, keeping my back flat with my hips in line, whilst engaging my core (I find the easiest way to engage my core is to think about drawing my belly button towards my spine).

A nice tummy toning exercise for my post-Christmas belly that also works my bottom and lats too!

Have a great January

Best Wishes for the New Year!

The Real Healthy Mum

Holly Newman is a busy mum of three boys, aiming to stay fit and healthy through parenthood. She is a qualified personal trainer with a passion for helping mums and women to exercise and feel good in a warm and friendly environment. For daily updates, you can follow The Real Healthy Mum on Instagram.

>>>> We at the Real Healthy Mum are so happy that you are reading our diary!  We stand by the content in our diary but everyone is different and please be aware that some of the content, moves or exercises in our diary may not be appropriate for everyone.  They are designed for persons who are fit and ready to exercise, but (by their nature) don’t and can’t take into account any one person’s personal circumstances or medical history.  Always consult your doctor before starting any fitness regime (including the ones in our diary and on our website).  Best wishes, The Real Healthy Mum Ltd

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