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The Home & Nursery Design Must-Have

Craft minimalism with the versatile throw.

The Home & Nursery Design Must-Have

Craft minimalism with the versatile throw.

Minimalism design is the balance between simple and natural elements, combined with patterns and textures. If you get them right, you’ll transform your home into a place of calming comfort, free of clutter. Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese style, for an uncomplicated interior.

Adding a touch of Scandi to your home is easily achieved with original throws. Truly the most versatile accessory with varying textures & patterns, it’s the perfect finishing touch. With so many throws on the scene, it’s about expressing your creativity and personality through your choice. Here’s how you can convert your bedroom, nursery & living room into minimalist heaven…

Clashing light wooden floors with dark treated furniture easily creates a harsh feel. To balance this, soft tones are added with light walls, geometric picture frames and a spot of greenery. Industrial pillows, lightening rug and the star throw create contradicting patterns for the final touch.

Scandinavian design is all about focusing on clean lines, paired with warming wood textures. This nursery encompasses this feel by coupling wood features such as the clothes hanger and woven baskets with immaculate whites including cot and throw. Little ones love a splash of colour, which has been achieved with a quirky pink bunny & triangle print on the wall.

You don’t have to be conventional and only include one throw in your home decor, as seen here. Diversity has been created from complimenting a soft grey and white striped throw with a darker reversible grey star throw. Other personal touches are crafted with hanging memos and a touch of nature on each side of the bed, with an abundance of white fabrics.

When it comes to nursery, although you’ll want to keep it minimal, you’ll also want to make sure there’s elements of fun as it is for a little one after all. Very simple polkadot wallpaper really keeps this in mind, whilst staying clean with not too many accessories around the room.

Homes like this are what dreams are made of, and seem impossible to keep when you have little ones running about. By decluttering a space you can really keep that minimal look without much effort. Always opt for a bleak base colour for walls, and furniture, as you can then add personality through knitted throws, graphic laden cushions and obscure lighting.

We’re a little distracted by how cute this tea party is, but another perfect example of how a throw can be used in any room to add a hint of creativity. Little ones love stars as they’re playful, but they’re also a universal print and can be used in any Scandi inspired home to add some fun.

Construct a workspace that helps you to achieve your goals and clears your mind of any unneeded clutter. This beautiful studio space looks sleek and spotless, without anything to distract you from your work. The atmosphere looks cold, but with the addition of a faux fur throw (that adheres to the light colour palette), you’ll soon be feeling cosy.

Doesn’t this nursery cot just look like the most comfortable place to crawl into after a long day? We guess we probably need to be a little bit smaller for that, but although the space is empty, with very subtle colours matched with the mountain print throw & guardian mountain goat, this nursery is really transformed by these little pieces.

Add a touch of creativity to your space with our thoughtfully crafted throws:

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