How Dads Can Take Their Baby or Toddler to a Music Festival

Does your partner want to take your baby to a music festival? Or are you a Dad trying to convince your partner to let you take baby to a festival? Han-Son from Daddilife has some advice on why music festivals are a great experience for all.

dad with children in the fieldWhen dads spend quality time with their children in their first few years, they make a positive impact on their young one’s development later in life. Children view their fathers as role models and superheroes. There are numerous things you can do as a dad with your children during your free time, and the more unconventional tend to build some truly amazing memories. One of the more unconventional is attending a child-friendly music festival.

The truth is that hosting a family party, even in one of the best playhouses for children will not yield the same experience. With a music festival, they get to be out in the open surrounded by those who also came for the same purpose. But there are a couple of big questions to cover, starting with…

Should You Really Take Your Baby to a Festival?

If the music festival is friendly, you should definitely go. Ignore those looking at you as if you have lost it. There are festivals that feature special areas for parents with children and toddlers to play. If you realise that you need to raise your voice for the kid to hear you, move back a little and relax. After all, this is father-child bonding time and should, therefore, not be stressful where possible.

Is It ok to Camp at a Festival With Your Baby?

Festivals are mostly set for families with different child-friendly camping spots. Before going, make a point of finding out how sleeping arrangements have been laid out. Camping is easier when the baby is smaller since they will only need a moses basket to sleep in. However, if your child can fit in a travel cot, get him or her to get acquainted with sleeping in it at home before taking it to a music festival. This is because it could be stressful for both of you if you were to get to the festival only for the child to be unsettled by it. Before you decide whether to camp at the music festival site, try to find out the distance you would be required to carry your belongings. Also, find out if there are any local transport means and how easy it will be to get to and from the site of the festival.

baby wearing a safe baby sleeping bagDifferent Ways Dads Can Manage through the Weekend

1. Feeding the Baby at A Festival
If the baby is already on solids, ensure you pack a bag with jars of food and pots, a lot of cheap spoons, bibs and many packs full of finger foods. Since it might not be easy to find baby food at a music festival, pack a camping stove to help you prepare the meals. Do not forget to pack a ready-made formula for the kid and lots of snacks. To avoid having to walk all the way to the tent, carry some with you at all times so that the baby can eat whenever he feels like. If you have a fussy eater, it would be better to carry something they love instead of buying food from the festival, which is normally expensive. Baby not on solids? If your baby is exclusively breastfed, then you will need to bring mum along for the experience. Alternatively, you can feed your baby with formula milk - you will just need to make sure you have the right equipment to sterilise bottles and keep the milk safe.

2. What to Pack
For a successful weekend, remember to pack a waterproof bodysuit, baby wipes (while you still can!), bottles of hand sanitiser, a basic first aid kit, a torch and batteries and your child’s favourite toys. These will help the child feel safe and keep him occupied whenever you are in the tent. With camping, it can get very cold during the nights. Remember to pack a lot of blankets or a Sleeping Bag to keep them covered all night. You should also not forget to carry sunscreen and sun hats. You do not want to expose yourself or the baby to the harsh climatic elements while out in the open. In addition, pack some umbrellas and waterproof wellies to shelter yourselves in case it rains. Since music festivals can get very loud, carry some ear protectors for the baby. Your child cannot handle some of the decibels.

How to Get Around with Your Baby at a Festival

Festivals are crowded places that can become difficult to get around, especially with a small child. Bring along a front sling as this is the easiest way to carry a child around. If you choose to go with a buggy, pack some fairy lights that are battery-powered to attach them. These will help stop people from banging into it at night. For hydration, don’t forget your favourite kid's water bottle too!

dad and baby together huggingEnsuring Baby’s Safety

Most festivals have security tags that parents can stick on their toddlers. Put down your phone number on several of them and stick them to the toddler in case he decides to wander off. Another trick is dressing the child in brightly coloured clothes and a hat so that it will be easy to spot him or her. You can also bring along your partner to help keep an eye on the children. Also, when you get to a festival, try bringing your other friends who are also parents, who have also come with their children. They can help you watch the kids at night while you go out to have some fun dancing and you can return the favour by watching theirs the next evening. Avoid leaving younger kids in the festival play area as this is not a daycare but a family activities spot.

UK Based Family Friendly Music Festivals

Camp Bestival- this is festival of music, creativity and art. You will have a chance to enjoy live theatre, musical line-ups and spoken words.

The Big Festival- a food and music extravaganza that is normally hosted by Alex James, the Blur bassist, on his farm. The aim of the festival is usually to raise money for a charity.

Beautiful Days- a smaller festival that is becoming very popular. It is a great option for any first-timer wishing to attend a music festival with a child.

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