Inspiring Stories: Life of Mummies

First-time mothers Holly and Sophie, also known as Life of Mummies, have been documenting their journey into motherhood and representing the very real aspects of everyday parenting life. We wanted to speak with them about what female means to them and how it helps them raise their children. 

Life of Mummies Holly and Sophie stood in front of flower wall- What does female empowerment mean to you?

I have always been a bit of a feminist at heart, so female empowerment is something I am always advocating. Women didn’t fight for their rights for nothing, and the strength of a woman is undeniable. Women carry children, give birth, raise families, hold down careers and keep their house a happy home and have the capability to do 100 things at once, yet always somehow, put themselves last and most upsettingly, down. Women can be each other’s best friends or worst enemies, so when it comes to female empowerment, I love nothing more than being vocal when it comes to empowering each other and only ever bringing the best out of one and other as women. We need to be kinder to ourselves and remind ourselves that without women living in this world, it would be a pretty dull and less colourful place!

Sophie: I was raised by a single mother, my parents splits up when I was 2 so I saw first hand how incredible a woman could be. My mum was my entire universe and did absolutely everything for me growing up, and still does now. She installed concrete values in me that I will carry for the rest of my life. She taught me to be brave, speak my mind and fight for what I want. And I believe that some of the opportunities I have had in my life, have come from the confidence that I have been given from her. So I believe that female empowerment is the single-handedly most important thing that a woman can have. 

- What advice would you give to your younger self?
Holly: I would definitely go back and tell myself to stop being so afraid to speak my mind and learn to say ‘no!’ (And still do to be honest!) I would tell myself that it wasn’t worth comparing myself to others and to stop putting myself down at every opportunity, stop putting pressure on myself and embrace life to the fullest. I would tell myself to let go a little more and know how precious life is.

Sophie: I would tell myself that “ the people who matter, don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter”  Basically I wouldn’t of put so much pressure on myself to try and fit in and for people to like me. I think the best gift that we can have is confidence and it doesn’t matter what you look like, how tall or small you are or who likes you, If you have confidence and believe in yourself, you will be happy. 

Life of Mummies Sophie and Holly with children wearing MORI- How will you teach your children to be advocates of female empowerment?

Holly: Even now, I tell Delilah every day how kind, beautiful and smart she is and I will continue to do so for as long as I need. I will always make sure she knows that no matter what she does in life and where she goes, she must never let anyone bring her down or make her feel less of herself, or that she can’t achieve what she wishes to achieve. I will tell her that being a woman is a very powerful thing, and to always carry confidence and self-worth with her through her life and through any relationships she encounters. I will tell her to always respect herself as a woman, and to respect other women around her. 

Sophie: I have a son and I want him to grow up knowing how incredible women are, and to respect them wholeheartedly. My husband respects his mother so much and it’s amazing to see, I would like him to have the same values growing up. 

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