Inspiring Lives 16: What Fatherhood Means To Dads Across The World

There is something magical that fathers do; they say the right words, they kiss the right cheek, they hug just tight enough but not too much, they make us smile & laugh like no other. Fatherhood is a special time for every Dad, and we wanted to find out how becoming a dad changed the life of some men. We asked some of our MORI influencer community to find out from their partners just what fatherhood means & how it's changed their lives.

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Dad holding daughter in the air outside• Melissa & Robbie - @bubbyandbean : “Three years ago, on his first Father's Day, my husband Robbie told me that being a dad (to our daughter, Essley, who was just five months old at the time) was the best job he ever had, and that he was so grateful to have a day to celebrate how much he loved being a daddy. Every Father's Day since has been special, but this year he said it will be the most meaningful of all. Our son Emmett was diagnosed with a rare, dangerous form of epilepsy last August, and for months we were faced with the potential of a very poor prognosis. Today, Emmett is seizure-free, perfectly healthy, and best of all, incredibly happy. He is our miracle, and for Robbie, this Father's Day, which will be spent loving on his favorite little people in the whole world, feels like a miracle too. #MORIMoments”

• Margaritha - @mamamargaritha: "Becoming a Father turned my life upside-down, in a good way. Being a Father is the best thing in the world, it made me realize that family is the most important thing in life. Father’s Day doesn't make it more special, but it is fun to get the extra attention from the kids [through gifts, breakfast & a lot of hugs]." 

• Kayla & Ben - @this.little.wandering: “Ben fathers gently and bluntly and as himself, and I really appreciate that. He doesn’t try to impress Jessamyn or be anything other than himself, and I think in the long run we will all be better off for that. He takes every moment as it comes, tells it like it is, and doesn’t try to cover up challenges. He is an amazing father and my best friend, and I think that fatherhood has only made him more amazing.”

• Andrea - @incaseyouredown: "Being a dad is so much fun. Watching your kid learn each day is so rewarding. It still seems surreal that he is mine! I have always looked up to my dad and loved going to work with him on the farm, so I can only hope that Case loves to come with me too. Father's Day is a day to recognize the men in my life that have influenced who I am. Now it's kind of crazy that I'm one of those men for someone else."

Dad with his 3 children laughing and playing• Paige Rangel - @thelovedesignedlife: "Fatherhood to me is always being mindful of my kids. As I go through life with them by my side, whatever I do, say, or the way I interact with people - they are always observing, learning. It's a responsibility I don't take lightly. But at the end of the day, no matter how challenging life can get, all they want is our love. I hope to always be that love for them."

• Anna Woodham - @themothershop: "Being a new dad is as much about working with the moment as it is about having everything under control.Florence surprises me on an hourly basis as she learns new things, new words, always asking questions and always doing the opposite to what I ask. It's a new chapter and keeps me on my toes which I love. For me fathers day (as a father) is more about starting to understand and reflect more about my own father, and the memories I have of him when we were young." 

• Francesca & Sharlon -@gaiaandnina: "Nothing prepares you for the rollercoaster ride that comes with being a father. For me it's all about the everyday moments I get to experience with my girls as we learn to grow up together as a family."

Father laying in bed with baby son• Amanda Chbat - @the.chbat.crew: "Being a father is a blessing, an opportunity, a new vision of life. A blessing to have your little ones wipe away a tough day instantly just by looking at them. An opportunity because fatherhood brings out the best in a man, gives him the motivation and courage to take on big projects in the hopes of building a stable future for their children. Fatherhood changes the way you look at life and the people that surround you. The indescribable love for your children makes you discover the true meaning of love, the one your own parents tried describing to you all the years of your life."

• Miki & Julien- @mikimiljian: “Fatherhood is the best thing that could happen to me. It push me every day to be better man, a better lover to my wife. There is nothing more beautiful than becoming a father. It makes your world bigger. Life starts to be a kaleidoscope, never the same day, never the same joy, full of unexpected surprises. Hard time stops being tough but starts to become challenge, where solutions are the only perspective you have in mind. Being a father is sharing this adventure with your love. I respect her because I respect her as a mother, as the woman she is when I look her eyes waking up close to her. Behind a smiling family, there is always a strong and magic story between two lovers. I thank god everyday to give me the chance to live the life I always wanted to live. Fatherhood is the future.”

Father sat down, holding his daughters for the camera• Amanda & Chris - @amandapahls: “Fatherhood is, to me, a gift, a responsibility and a blessing all rolled into one. I get to experience what it is like to have my hands involved in molding and shaping a life, but am also being molded and shaped by my daughters. My eyes are constantly opened to new things around me, in my daughters and in myself.  Fatherhood has shown and is showing me just how compassionate I can be, but at the same time, has shown me and shows me just how truly selfish I am and can be all at the same time. Fatherhood is one of the most fun things I have ever done while also exhausting and frustrating. I think Fatherhood is amazing, but also a weighty responsibility that I want to continue to grow in and handle correctly.  My understanding of what it means to be created in the image and likeness of my Creator has been broadened beyond what I ever thought it would be. On a related note, as a father to daughters, I will say that fatherhood has made me keenly aware of the way we, often unintentionally, belittle our female population. As we enter into the last stretch of pregnancy with our 4th daughter, I am met with many comments about my lack of sons that are increasingly frustrating to me.  Many times the conversation goes this way:

Person – “Wow, your 4th child.  Do you know if it’s a boy or girl yet?”

Me – “It’s my 4th girl”

Person – “Wow, I’m sorry” or “You must have more patience than me” or “Still don’t have that boy yet?” or “Will try until you get a boy?”

Now, I understand where the line of questioning comes from, but this is often in front of or within earshot of my daughters.  I would love to take this opportunity to say that I absolutely love raising these little girls and in no way feel as though I was left out of something simply because I do not have a son, or that in some crazy way, these girls are of less value to me than having a son. I thank God for these 4 precious girls that I have been entrusted with and cherish the fact that I’m able to be part of their lives, and they a part of mine.  Sure, the novelty of raising a little boy is alluring and I enjoy entertaining the thought of having a little mini-me running around.  That novelty, however, pales in comparison to the blessing of this house that is filled with estrogen.  I want to see the gifts set before me and be diligent to raise strong, productive, useful, and joy filled women. I am planning a small bunker for myself for the future, though, and will be practicing my most intimidating facial expressions and death threats for the boys that will be knocking on my door.”

• Anne & Dan - @annehilldesign: "Being a father is teaching, mentoring, loving, and adventuring with my favourite people each day. It's a challenge to be my best and to truly serve and put others before me, but being a father is the best reason to do so. I love the challenge and the motivation to be the best I can be each day for my family."

• Helen Bowman - @hel_bow: “My kids are the perfect course correction. Unlike adults, they let their sense of wonder guide them. They're alert to the beauty and fun in songs, stories, art, nature: the best of life. They're barbarians, obviously – but by and large they have their priorities right. Smart parents appreciate and encourage this; the smartest of all try to echo it in their own behaviours. We could all do with adjusting our aspirations from time to time. A kid's-eye-view seems to me the ideal vantage point from which to start.”

• Julianna Woehrle - @julianna_woehrle: “When you become a father your life is no longer about fulfilling your dreams and desires but about fighting for the dreams and desires of your precious children. The moment you enter fatherhood, life becomes all the more precious, all the more tender, and your love reaches new bounds. Being a father is my greatest joy in life, besides being a husband. There's no greater feeling than coming home from a long day at work and having my little girl run into my arms with the biggest smile on her face. There are honestly no words to describe the depths of love or adoration that comes with fatherhood. For me, Father's Day is such a great way to celebrate that joy. A day to remind myself of all that I'm blessed with and to take some extra time to love and be loved by my little girl.”

Father throwing daughter into the air like an airplane• Megan - @littlemisstiggy: "Being tiggys dad is quite different to being the dad of my three sons. Firstly my overwhelming feeling is it’s my duty to protect my little girl until I take my last breathe. Not just physically protect her but emotionally also from all the horrible things and people she will undoubtedly come across n her lifetime. Obviously I will do the same for my sons but there will come a point where they will probably chat to each other about looking after/protecting their old man and the roles will be reversed, not completely but definitely reversed. Whereas with my daughter I never see a point where the role will be reversed in the same way. With my sons I play football with them, talk football with them, play rugby with them, talk rugby with them all things I thoroughly enjoy doing in their own right but doing them with my sons is extra special. Where as with my daughter it is playing with a dolly, singing let it go and watching frozen for the 20th time that week, brushing our hair, dressing up all things I thoroughly despise doing in their own right but doing them with my daughter makes them enjoyable and extra special. Being a dad brings worries for their future but different worries. I worry will my sons treat women the right way and respect them for who they are and not some objects of desire. I worry will my daughter find a man who treats her the right way, respects her and not just an object of desire. I worry about the advice I will give and hope it is the correct advice. My sons will probably suffer heartbreak and I will probably tell them chin up plenty more fish in the sea. My daughter will probably suffer heartbreak and whilst I will give her the same advice, I will probably ask her for his address to so I can pop round and introduce his face to mr left and mr right. I want them when asked 'what do they want to be when they are older' to reply with the words 'happy' as that is all that is important in life is happiness. Finally on that note, I am a dad to a beautiful daughter and three handsome little men and for that reason I am eternally happy and have achieved the goals my dad set out for me and hope my children achieve this simple goal I have now set them."

• Stephanie Eschauzier - @steph.soj: “These two. So lucky to have such an incredible husband who looks after me by taking Gerard when I need him to, making me coffee every morning to make me feel somewhat alive, taking Eleanor on fun outings when I need a break, cleaning and cooking and fixing everything around the house plus so much more to make my life easier. You're a wonderful Dad and we love you so much." 

• Greg Stanton - @london_dad: “Fatherhood changed my life in every way possible, it changed me into the best version of myself and one that I didn't realise that I wanted to be. Fatherhood isn't about who you are it's about who you help your children become. It's that simple.”

Father and little girl kissing on bed• Talita Conrad - @talitaconrad: "Being a father is a lot like wearing 50 hats at once and trying to balance them all. Sure, there are the diapers and the runny noses, and the boo-boos and the messy meals. But there are also the tickle fights and the bedtime stories and the shoulder rides and the slobbery kisses. Those kisses. I do love those kisses. There are two sides to everything. Fatherhood is about finding the balance. There are also two sides to parenthood. I can't be a dad without an equal and opposite mom. Sometimes the best way to care for my daughter is to tend to her mother. So I would argue that, although bath time and cartoons wear the disguise of fatherhood, a well placed box of Swiss chocolate and a few fresh flowers bring a much needed balance. To me. To mama. And especially to our girl. And I wouldn't trade all the hats in the world for that."

• Kacie Ellis - @elementsofellis: “To me, being father means always being there for my daughter and being supportive of her. Even though she’s still a baby, I love getting to share things with her that I love and look forward to sharing more with her as she grows. I love watching her learn and discover new things. I love that I can see parts of myself in her, both in her personality and facial features. I also love when she falls asleep on me.”

• Kathleen Hodges - @mummahodge: “How does it feel to be a father of 8? Firstly I love every minute and could not imagine a life without my little people. All 8 very different and unique characters although at their core they are every bit the same person with the love and beliefs we install into them. Each and every one of my children would give their only toy to make another child happy. They will all stick up for each other and any child they believe is being picked on. If a child is on their own they will do their best to involve them and make them feel welcome in any situation. The loving bond between my children is so strong I wouldn't know what to compare it to. It's a bond that can been seen in their interactions everyday. In a world where we see ever increasing hatred and prejudice the greatest thing we can do for our children is teach them to love.”

Dad with toddler and baby in bed kissing and cuddling• Cassandra Salemme - @cassanola: “My husband said what he likes most about being a father is: "discovering a new love like no other. Every decision I make is based on my daughter's' well being, and I wouldn't have it any other way.” And Father's Day is: " a day to spend with my girls  and take a break from everything else. Just to enjoy my family and being a Dad."

• Sara & Davis - @sarakpilot: “Becoming a father instantly changes your focus to a more forward thinking, big picture worldview.  Watching your kids and thinking towards their future is a great motivating experience that pushes you to be the best version of yourself you can be.  Once you have children of your own, Father’s Day takes on new significance.  While you still celebrate all of the fathers who helped mould you, you also receive recognition from those who look up to you in that role.  It stands as a reminder to all of the dads out there that our families appreciate our hard work and sacrifice, and that we’ve got a lot of people counting on us to lead the next generation of our families towards success.”

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