top 5 yoga positions you can do during your pregnancy


yoga position 1

reclined bound angle pose

A popular yoga position with pregnant women at all stages of their pregnancy, this yoga pose boosts blood circulation in the lower stomach, stretches the groin area and increases hip mobility.

It’s also a great position for relaxation and winding down your body. For extra comfort and support, place a pillow or two under your head and lower back - creating a slight angle so you’re not flat on your back.

You can place a soft ball between your feet to expand your pelvis and open your hips. This position also develops core and back strength and works for a great release of stress and anxiety.


yoga position 2

cat/cow pose

As your baby grows, natural strain and pressure is put onto your spine, so moving on hands and knees can relieve this.

This pose also encourages your baby into a ready position for delivery, and can work to relieve pain during contractions in your early stages of labour.

In particular, the cat pose stretch held at its peak releases muscular and body tension from the upper back and neck area.



yoga position 3

trikonasana pose garland or squat pose

This position is beneficial for relieving and reducing backache and back pain at any point during pregnancy. It’s also helpful for reducing general body stiffness, muscular aches and pains in your neck.

The pose also boosts circulation and blood flow in the pelvis which can help regulate sexual energy.


yoga position 4

garland or squat pose

This yoga stance is beneficial for opening up your hips, pelvis and groin, which is fantastic for prenatal practice. This pose also helps to encourage digestion and is a deep stretch through your back and legs.

Other benefits include the relief of lower back pain, spinal stabilisation and stronger ankles, calves, feet and legs. This position works best until 30 weeks pregnant.



yoga position 5

warrior II Pose

A highly recommended yoga position for strengthening your legs and core whilst stimulating your abdominal organs. This pose is known to help subside backaches, especially during your 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

It also focuses on strengthening and developing balance, core and stability. The position is also therapeutic for carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, flat feet and sciatica.


What are some of your reccommened yoga positions for expectant mothers that they can do?

Comment below and let us know!


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