A guide to washing baby clothes

Although your new-born baby is so tiny, you’ll be surprised at how many clothes they can get through in just one day. It’s best to be aware of the correct way to wash your baby’s clothing, as a new-born’s skin is far more sensitive than ours.

If you are an expectant mum or a new mum looking for some advice, here are some useful tips to bear in mind:

preparing to wash

Even when you buy brand-new baby clothes, it’s best to wash them first in order to get rid of any dust or dirt that may have landed on the garments in the shop. A baby’s skin isn’t very tough, so they’re far more likely to experience irritation as a result of itchy fabrics or other minuscule irritants that we are very much used to.

choose a suitable detergent

It isn’t always necessary to purchase a different laundry detergent than what you’re currently using for the family, however, if your baby has extremely sensitive skin, it would be wise to think of another alternative. A recommended option would be to purchase a liquid detergent over powder, as the latter can leave a residue behind which could cause skin irritation.

To be on the safe side, you could always invest in an eco-friendly detergent which is designed especially for sensitive skin. It’s far milder and comes free of dye, colouring or perfumes – all of which should reduce the likelihood of a reaction.

read the care labels

It’s always important to read the clothing labels before washing and be sure to pay attention to the drying instructions to avoid damaging the garment. Doing so will mean your baby’s clothing will be looking its best for a longer period of time.

use fabric conditioner

Softer fabrics are much gentler on the skin. Using a fabric conditioner relaxes the fibres in the material, to keep it feeling soft and comfortable. It would be worth choosing a conditioner that’s designed specifically for sensitive skin, however, you’ll probably come across specialist baby fabric conditioners, so you don’t have to worry too much about the added ingredients.

wash cloth nappies separately

If you’re keen on preserving the environment, you may prefer to use cloth nappies over disposable ones. But, have you ever thought about how to wash these properly? For a start, you definitely shouldn’t wash them with your baby’s clothing, as germs will be spread. Instead, soak the cloth nappy in a basin in very cold water before putting them in the washing machine for a hot cycle. If they still smell unclean, put them in for another wash.

separate the laundry

Be sure to keep darker and lighter colours separate when it comes to washing your baby’s garments, or colours may run between them. You should also keep fire-resistant clothing in another pile, or the specific coating on these garments may be damaged if mixed with the rest of the family’s laundry. Put your baby’s clothing in a separate wash at a lower temperature and a gentle cycle.

It’s not always the case that your baby clothes will get very dirty (unless they have an accident, of course) so, you could just hand wash most of the items out of ease, aswell as saving any confusion.

As it’s likely you’ll be washing garments on a regular basis, be sure to turn clothing inside out to prevent them losing colour and ultimately, prolonging their lifecycle. Then, when you have finished the wash process, hang garments out in the fresh air to dry as a way of fighting any harmful bacteria.

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