8 ways to feel more energised while pregnant

Pregnancy is draining. Everyone always talks about the amazing parts of pregnancy, but there are also aspects of pregnancy that are tiring and can feel endless. Creating a human is bound to be tiring work; your body is using all its energy to hand-make (or ‘belly-make’) a real-life miniature person. To help you stay energised and feel good throughout the day, here are 8 ways to boost those levels.

1. take regular naps

One of the greatest parts of pregnancy is the excuse to rest more often, particularly when your maternity leave starts. When possible, try to have a nap, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Avoid taking naps that are longer than 45 minutes as this can affect how you sleep during the night, but a little shut eye during the day can give you a needed energy boost.

2. eat every 3-4 hours

One of the main resources of energy comes from food, so it’s a good idea to eat regularly. It’s advised that you only need approximately 300 calories extra per day when pregnant, so you don’t need to double your food intake. Eating small yet healthy meals every 3-4 hours a day will help to keep your energy up; try to include carbohydrates, protein and fat in every meal.

3. exercise

When we say exercise, it doesn’t have to be anything too difficult - focus on on things like walking for 30 minutes a day. Gentle exercise can help to improve your overall mood and energy, and is also beneficial in keeping your body healthy. Before undertaking any exercise always consult your GP to make sure it’s safe.

4. combat cramps 

Low energy levels can be due to waking up frequently during the night and not having had a full night’s rest. Cramps during the night can be highly disruptive, so try eating a good amount of potassium to combat them. Bananas, kiwis, dried plums, spinach and artichokes are all amazing sources of potassium - just remember you only need 4,700 mg of it per day, so don’t overdo it.

5. avoid spicy foods

You might think that some spice will give you a wake-up, which they do, but they also cause you to stay awake at night. Energy in the day is related to sleep at night, and so you need to make sure you avoid anything that will keep you awake. Spicy foods boost your metabolism and raise your body temperature, which both cause disturbed sleep.

6. control stress 

Something that is far easier said than done, but also important for many reasons. Stress during pregnancy is not only dangerous for you, but it’s also dangerous for baby. Find time everyday to do something you find relaxing and mind-clearing - meditation can be the perfect tool for doing this.

7. stay hydrated

Drinking enough water during the day can dramatically improve your energy levels and make you feel that boost. During pregnancy you should be drinking more than the average 8 glasses of water a day, this is because your body is busy making amniotic fluids for baby. Water is also the main component of your blood and helps to carry nutrients to your cells, which keeps you feeling energised and healthy.

8. start the day right

The beginning of your day can determine how you will feel for the remainder. Start your day as you mean to go on; an energy boosting smoothie and a good healthy breakfast along with a walk outside will make you feel ready to face any pregnancy problem you might bump into that day. Keeping a positive and happy mindset from the moment you wake up will also make you feel energised.

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