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5 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

5 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

Women spend a considerable lifetime trying to step at the right time into parenthood, for one factor or another, we get informed, we get medicated, we get checked - at not very pleasant visits - with gynecologists. It is not until couples decide to have a baby that they realise how hard it might be to conceive. With a third to nearly half of the pregnancies resulting as lack of the use of contraceptives the thought of becoming parents might seem easier than it is, but no need for panic, here we present you with factors to take in to consideration to help boost your fertility. 

Ovulation. As natural and spontaneous as sex with your significant other is, the chances of increasing conception is by doing it when you are ovulating. For women with regular cycles, the ovulation date can be deduced by counting 12 to 16 days before the beginning of the next cycle, understanding women's agenda and in order to make it easier to keep track of the ovulation and better understating of your cycle, we recommend the mobile App "Natural Cycles". The application is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CE Marked in Europe. If you happen to have irregular cycles there are other alternatives to know your ovulation date, such as an "Ovulation Predictor Kit", it analyses during a specific time frame your hormone levels, eventually indicating an increment of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which is your ovulating phase. You can get the kit at any convenient pharmacy. 

Diet. Since our bodies are the carriers and baby makers, our metabolism and any influence we put on it becomes an important factor for fertility. Some examples are diet, exercise, and stress levels.  It is advisable to consume organic foods because pesticides affect sperm quality. A beneficial factor is to indulge in a healthy diet based on the ingestion of foods rich in fiber and antioxidants, found in vegetables and whole grains, as well as the reduction of carbohydrates. It is also important to avoid alcoholic drinks and caffeine because both substances alter estrogen levels. 

  Vitamins. Folic Acid is a B vitamin type     that pregnant women take it to prevent   birth defects but studies show that this   vitamin is beneficial to boost fertility.

  Healthy weight. Being overweight or     underweight are both linked to infertility,   they both alter the hormonal balance   causing irregular menstrual cycles. An unhealthy weight, besides infertility, is considered as a factor of high-risk pregnancy, and this could lead to complications during term and miscarriage.

Medications. Both women and men should consult medical advise if they are consuming medication that contains or alters their hormone levels, as this plays an important role in fertility.

The state of our health and the proper understanding of our own bodies is the main reason for fertility, therefore here lies the importance of taking care of what we put in it, as for women it takes huge a part on comprehending our reproductive system, specially ovulation. Fertility is all about taking care of ourselves so we can eventually meet a little version of ourselves, hopefully this factors will guide you and help you.

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