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What Clothing Essentials Do You Need For Your Newborn Baby?

What Clothing Essentials Do You Need For Your Newborn Baby?

Before starting out as a new parent, you will have most likely spent hours upon hours searching online for just exactly what you need for your baby. From carseats to pushchairs, to pacifiers to bouncers, the list is endless - that’s why when it comes to clothes you want to have everything prepared so little one can stay warm and comfortable.

Without further ado, the clothing essentials you wouldn't survive without in those first few months of looking after your new tiny human.


Considered as the little black dress of the baby world, the bodysuit is an essential item, which can be useful for every occasion. Mostly used a pyjama or to go under other clothes (those little ones need a little extra warmth than we do), they will become a necessity for your baby that you cannot get by without. Most bodysuits feature different necklines dependent on the style you like, and how your little one feels about having clothing pulled over their head. During the summer months, bodysuits are also perfect for chilling around the house as they are legless (not in the Friday night sense), so baby will stay cool.

Swaddling Bag

So, you’ve heard about swaddling, but you’re yet to give it a go? Well, be prepared for potentially one of the hardest tasks of your life. That’s right, swaddling sounds easy but when it comes to trying to fold, tuck, roll and pin a miniature wriggling person in some material, ensuring it’s not too tight or too loose, you’ll suddenly realise that YouTube tutorial made it look much easier. Swaddle Bags are a great alternative to traditional swaddling as you don’t have to master any Aussie techniques or find the right sized muslin to wrap your baby in. Swaddle Bags generally tend to include a zip feature and poppered arms so baby can have them in or out depending on their preference.




Sleeping Bag

Before having a baby, you probably wouldn’t have even thought a baby sleeping bag was a thing, but they are. You might still be expecting, or you might already know that sleep doesn’t come easily when you have a new baby; which means you’ll be looking for solutions. One reason those little ones often wake up in the night is that their covers have come off and they’re cold, which means they cry. Sleeping bags stop this from happening as they cover the whole of baby and don’t have anything lose that could accidentally be kicked off whilst sleeping. The best aspect of a sleeping bag is also how safe they are; blankets are advised against as babies can end up with their heads covered or tangled in them, which are both suffocation issues. With a sleeping bag, you’ll have one less worry running through your mind when you’re letting them sleep - meaning you can relax for a bit.



Another essential that is impossible to live without when you have a baby; the sleepsuit, also known as a baby grow, onesie and sometimes a romper. Although it might not seem like it, babies spend 80% of their time sleeping within the first few months, so they’ll practically live in sleepsuits until they grow a little bit older. There is no perfect sleepsuit, the style all comes down to how you like your baby to look and which way is easiest to dress them - most young babies prefer to be placed on their back so they feel comforted looking at mum or dad whilst being dressed. Front-opening sleep suits with poppers or zips will work like magic, and are quick and easy to open and close, especially when it comes to nappy changing, which you’ll do a lot of!

Daytime Outfit

Of course, after a couple of weeks (or maybe even sooner if you’re one of the brave ones) you’ll venture back out into the world to show your newborn the world, and everyone else your new person. Although you’ll want something that looks sleek and cute, you’ll also want something that keeps baby comfortable so they can feel secure and relaxed to sleep whilst out and about. With your bodysuit as a basis, you can easily layer a cardigan and some small stretchy trousers over the top, making sure you can easily take a layer off if the weather is warm or keep them snug if it’s cooler. In winter a hat is advisable as babies lose most of their heat through their heads and will become very cold and agitable. 



We don’t really need to explain too much why a towel is an essential item for a baby - it’s quite obvious that you’ll need to dry them after they’ve had a bath. Although a normal towel will work fine, there is something that will work even better - and that’s a hooded towel. As mentioned, babies lose heat from their heads, so they need to be dried super quick. Not only are hooded towels efficient, but they're also super cute as your little one will end up looking like a miniature superhero in a cape.


Finally, we an item that could be considered the ultimate essential that you will need when becoming a new parent - the muslin. There is no escaping the fact that you’re going to spend the majority of your time covered in bodily fluids that don’t belong to you, but you can also do your very best to cover them up. Muslins are perfect for mopping up any spillages or hiding what’s currently stained down the back of your t-shirt when you pop to the shop. Muslins can also be used for swaddling (if you’ve mastered the burrito), discreet breastfeeding and even things like a very light blanket cover when strolling around in the day.

So there you have it, the essentials that you’ll need if you’re expecting a baby or had one recently. And that brings us to the reason why we created the MORI Starter Set - so you don’t have to spend hours searching for all these essentials, as they’re in one place.

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