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Top Tips For Taking a Baby To The Beach

Top Tips For Taking a Baby To The Beach

Want to know some top tips on taking your baby to the beach? We've partnered with our friends over at The Caperberry Collective, who asked their Editor, Olivia, for her best tips when taking her baby Max to the beach!

baby on the beach in the sandA day at the beach is good for the soul, young or old. We don’t know if it’s simply being out in nature, soaking up much-needed vitamin D, or splashing in the waves to wash away the cobwebs, but when you leave the beach feeling salty, sandy and sun-kissed, you feel pretty darn good.

When you’ve got little ones in tow, beach trips take on a whole new dimension with less of the sunbathing, book reading and midday siestas and more of the dropped ice-creams, sand quite literally everywhere and the constant sunscreen battle! Despite all this, the beach is a great place to take babies and children, I mean, who doesn’t have favourite childhood memories at the beach?

After popping down to the West Country for a few days of sunshine and sandy bums on the Cornish Coast, we thought we’d share with you a few ways to make babies and beaches go well together.

Here are our six golden rules for taking a baby to the beach:

baby at the beach in summer romper1) BE PREPARED FOR THE HEAT

As well as feeling the heat more than we do, babies also find it harder to regulate their body temperature. To avoid a fussy, sweaty little baby, make sure they are dressed appropriately. Think: Short sleeves, short bottoms, organic cotton, toes out and keep things nice and loose, avoid polyester, silk, jersey (all of which aren’t breathable) and clothing that sits too tightly on the skin. We’re all about the cool layers.


There’s nothing like the super soft skin of your little babe, and we know we’d like to keep it that way! Depending on your baby’s age* organic sunscreen is an obvious one, just remember to reapply, reapply, reapply. Sunhats are also top of the list, sunglasses are great too and also irresistible! If your little one is just a tad too young for sunscreen, full-body baby rash guards are a good solution, as are tents – this leads us onto our next tip…

*Check guidelines on sunscreen.


Tents, windbreaks, parasols, blankets, you name it – if it creates shade, it’s a winner! Take a big blanket to lie on, one that wicks away sweat and moisture is ideal, and yes, you can make it look pretty and Instagram-worthy!


Take cool layers for your baby. We’ve all experienced the unpredictable rain, shine, rain, rain, shine ways of English summertime weather! If you’re going further afield, check out the forecast, season and tide times while you’re at it!

baby on the beach in beach towel blanket5) IT’S ALL ABOUT STAYING HYDRATED, OH AND THE SNACKS

This applies to you as well as your little ones. A hydrated and fed mama is a happy one, and a happy mama makes it all better. If you’re breastfeeding, be prepared for your baby to more thirsty than usual. If your baby is hitting the bottle, keep supplies cool and bring extra. A big bottle of water is essential and a favourite beach snack of ours is watermelon – juicy, hydrating and delicious, and not forgetting the ice cream van if there is one!


There is so much to discover at the beach, so many games to play and a whole lot of fun waiting to be had. Like many things that comes with being a parent, common sense always wins, after that, just relax and enjoy it!

Want to know more about fashion, lifestyle, travel and everything mum? Head over to The Caperberry Collective to read more!

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