How To Sleep Soundly With Swaddling

There’s nothing parents want more than a good night’s rest. Sleep is important for a baby’s development and also for everyday interaction between you and little one. Techniques do work, but issues around sleep stem from things such as becoming uncovered, waking cold & not feeling secure. Swaddling prevents many of these and helps to promote a sound snooze all night long.

Swaddling has been proven by many experts in the industry to help babies sleep soundly, which in turn means you can have a greater night’s sleep. There are many different ways to swaddle a baby from using muslins to blankets to carefully crafted swaddle bags. Swaddling isn’t just about sleep as there are many other benefits that mean you wouldn’t want to be without it.

baby boy wrapped in blue baby swaddle from mori1.Womb feeling

After 9months of being inside a cosy and protective tummy, entering the world is a confusing and often distressing transition for a baby. Whilst they’re trying to understand this new sensation and make sense of the world, they need constant comfort and reassurance, which often comes in the form of replicating the sense of being inside the womb. Swaddling does exactly this by keeping little one securely snuggled through the night, leaving them happy and content.

2. Prevents crying

Traditional forms of covering a baby at night time, such as using a blanket, can leave little one waking up uncovered and cold throughout the night, which can lead to prolonged periods of crying. Swaddling is a great technique to keep baby from waking up as it will help them to feel calm, giving you time to yourself at the end of a long day.

baby sleeping in organic cotton baby clothes3. No scratching

Little ones often accidentally scratch their faces whilst sleeping as they’re able to move their arms. One way to prevent this is with sleep suits that have mittens sewn in, but an even better way is to swaddle them. Not only does this make baby feel safe, but with their arms tucked in, they won’t be able to harm themselves.

4. Sleeping safely

Blankets are often used to cover a baby at night time, but they come with certain risks that should be avoided. Babies often pull covers over their faces, which can be dangerous to their safety and loose blankets can become tangled. By swaddling, you prevent this from happening, and even more so with a swaddle bag as it’s designed to fit snugly, so even the most wriggly baby will stay safe.

mum sleeping together with her two babies in organic baby clothes5. No rolling

Since the back-to-sleep campaign, in which health professionals stressed the importance of making sure babies only sleep on their backs, there have been concerns about them rolling in the night. Swaddling and swaddle bags in particular, stop babies from being able to roll onto their fronts, therefore significantly reducing the risk of SIDs and suffocation.

6. Better dreaming

As a new parent, you’ll be feeling exhausted a lot of the time, and swaddling is all about reducing that feeling so you can embrace those special moments with your new arrival. By making sure your little one is sleeping better, you can ensure that you are too, in turn creating a more harmonious atmosphere in the daytime, where you’re not solely focused on wanting to go to sleep.

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