Top Sleep Survival Tips from Experienced Mums

We recently asked experienced mums and dads, who have been there and got the t-shirt (as they say) for their one sleep survival tip. To help new parents survive through those first weeks, and even months, we've put together some of the most helpful, reassuring and humorous advice to help your family get a better night's sleep.

  • Delegate all you can to daddy!
    - Obula

  • Dim lights, quiet, calm environment, no interacting, and patience - they will nod off! Also timing is vital, get them before they become overtired.
    - Zoe
  • Enlist help whenever you can to look after the baby while you lie down and close your eyes for 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes can equate to 3 hours of nighttime sleep.
    - Dheepthijana

  • Create a routine. Bath, cosy towel, baby massage with Kokoso Baby coconut oil, then jump into bed and give a good feed before bed time, lasting up to 1-2 hours, let them feed and fall asleep. Snuzpod and Sleepyhead Deluxe are amazing! And use sleeping bags.
    - Rebecca
  • Accept you are going to have interrupted sleep and take pleasure and enjoy the 3am feeding times as they really are precious moments. Plus coffee.
    - Katy

  • Feed on demand - it's exhausting in the beginning but actually you get more sleep in the long run as they're full and happy. Then get your partner to do the burping bit while you get back into bed!
    - Nicola

  • Get a babysitter.
    - Gina
  • Swaddle or use a swaddle sleeping bag. We’ve used our MORI Swaddle Bag from the early days - our little boy would not sleep so well without it, moro reflex is a pain!
    - Natalie

  • The 'Baby Shusher' App.
    - Aindrea

  • A really good concealer, a yummy cup of coffee and nap when you can. It will get better I promise.
    - Hana
  • I used to find it hard napping in the day when my newborn was asleep... Pop on an eye mask, plug headphones in to a rain / storm YouTube clip, pop a pillow on your stomach to hug (not sure if it helped transition from not having a bump anymore?!) and I’d sleep soundly.
    - Jessica

  • Don't do housework and nap instead!
    - Sophia

  • The white noise app 'sound sleeper' has been a complete godsend! Free to download, it has plenty of sounds that help the little one drop off quickly and stay sleeping deeply.
    - Adam

  • Cosleeping
    - Lucy
  • Assume there will be zero sleep for approx 12 weeks and anything else is incredible… - Laura

  • From 3 months onwards put your baby to bed at the same time. Introduce the routine with at least 2-3 fixed points, e.g. have a bath, bedtime meal and bedtime at the same time every day.
    - Alina


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