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A carefully curated collection of the softest & safest baby clothes and essentials, delivered to your door.

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Why MORI Starter Sets? We believe that your baby’s comfort & safety is dictated by the clothes they wear. We've carefully curated the core baby essentials you'll really need from our collection, crafted from the softest and safest organic cotton and bamboo, free from harmful chemicals.

"I am so pleased with my MORI Starter Set. Everything is so soft and beautiful, I can't wait to dress my newborn in your lovely products. Such great value too. Thank you!" - Josie, MORI Mum

Becoming a parent is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time, and often it isn't clear what you should dress your baby in or how many items you need. We want to make this time as easy as possible, so we have put together a starter set which includes all the baby essentials you really need to welcome your newborn, or as your baby grows at 40% less than if you bought the items individually.

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