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MORI's Bath to Bed Parcel is a luxurious set of evening essentials, the ideal precursor to a good night's sleep!

Includes a hooded bamboo towel and towel mitt, an envelope bodysuit and a MORI back-opening sleepsuit. Each item is crafted from the softest bamboo-organic cotton mix, ideal for a newborn's sensitive skin.

  • Baby Hooded Towel (for sizes up to 9M) or Toddler Hooded Towel (for sizes over 9M)
  • Towel Mitt
  • Back-opening sleepsuit with nickel-free poppers (with feet up to 9M)
  • Envelope-neck bodysuit with long-sleeves (fold over mittens up to 6M)
Add gift wrapping to receive your parcel beautifully wrapped in a tissue-lined white hamper box with hand-written personalised card.

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