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MORI Zip-Up Sleepsuit

Designed for easy changing, crafted from the softest & safest organic cotton and bamboo

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Zip Straight to Sleep

We believe that your little one and the whole family should always have a good night’s sleep. To make this happen, changing baby at night should be easy and hassle free so they stay sleepy. MORI’s zip-opening baby sleepsuit has been designed to keep little one happy without disturbance, so that you can get them back to sleep easily. Dads have told us that they particularly love the zip opening, as they no longer have to spend time using their tired minds to figure out which popper connects to the next. This clever sleep essential helps to keep things simple, which is exactly what you want during the night.

Organic sleepsuit crafted from the softest & safest

Sleeping well ensures your baby is healthy, and promotes better relationships during the day. We care about the quality of sleep your baby is having and do everything we can to thoughtfully craft clothing that promotes better sleep. We only use the softest and safest materials, which is why MORI’s signature bamboo and organic cotton blend is perfect for baby sleepwear. By using materials that are thermoregulating, breathable and gentle we’re helping to make sure your baby is comfortable, safe and sleeping all night long.

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I've been buying my baby zip sleepsuits from the US, but it wasn't too convenient. Now I can buy them from MORI, and they're super soft! Really happy with Alfie's new sleepsuit with zip - they make life so much easier :)

Andy, dad of Alfie

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