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What's inside MORI's Hospital Bag

Having everything I needed for when Theo arrived, took away the need for me to pack & think about one more thing. When you get so close to your due date, your get baby-brain and you start to forget most things. Having this ready for me meant I didn’t have to worry about finding baby clothes, blankets and other bits to take him home in.

Louisa, Mum of Theo

This is truly essential for newborn babies. The quality is superb (and I as an adult still making dress choices for our babies, design and branding are excellent too). Loved the blush and grey colours. It would be great to get more neutral tones. Can't wait for our twin daughters to wear these when they leave the hospital soon.

Andy, Dad of Ottelie and Zoe

Thanks so much to MORI for making sure I didn’t take too much to the hospital! This beautiful kimono baby bodysuit and muslin is so soft and the attention to detail is 👌🏼

Sarah, Mum of Charlie

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