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A carefully curated collection of the softest & safest essentials, delivered to your door.

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Why MORI starter sets? We believe that your baby’s comfort & safety is dictated by the clothes they wear. We've carefully curated the core essentials you'll really need from our collection, crafted from the softest and safest organic cotton and bamboo, free from harmful chemicals.

Starter Set 0-6 M

As soon as you welcome baby into the world you’ll be able to protect their delicate skin with the softest & safest bamboo and organic cotton. Our new baby starter kit features the most needed essentials to make sure you’re prepared for those first few months. Featuring our best selling swaddle bag (or sleeping bag if 3-6M).

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Starter Set 6M - 2 Years

As your baby grows you'll never have to worry about having all the essentials you need. We’ve kept it minimal and focused on comfort, versatility and quality over quantity to give your baby a minimal capsule wardrobe, and more time to create beautiful moments. All essentials can be mixed and matched, taking your little one from day to night. Featuring our best selling Clever Sleeping Bag.

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