A guide to the hospital bag checklist

We all know that simplicity is the key to a stressless birth. Most people tend to overpack when getting ready for the hospital, which can result in an overload of items that aren’t needed. In this guide, we’ve thought about all the essentials you need so you can feel prepared, organised and relaxed.

Although you have a given due date, your little one could arrive a few weeks prior to this, so it’s ideal to have everything packed and ready to go around 37 weeks. Having your bag for hospital ready beforehand means that any early arrivals will be welcomed into the world without any last-minute packing stress. It’s exceptionally easy to take too much in the worry you will be missing something, but most hospitals provide newborn necessities so it’s best to pack minimally and avoid feeling more overwhelmed than you already do.

We suggest taking just the essentials with you; a few outfits for little one, a few changes of clothes for yourself and everyday personal belongings. Your partner will most likely bring some items too, but can always pop home again to pick up anything else.

The essentials for baby

  • Two sleepsuits or bodysuits; these can be zipped, popper or envelope opening depending on preference and should have scratch-mitts. 
  • A hat; always choose a soft hat as a newborns head is very delicate
  • Two cardigans; to keep your little one warm & snug
  • A blanket; opt for something made from natural and breathable fabrics that’s big enough to use for multiple things
  • A muslin; perfect for swaddling, feeding or cuddling a newborn
  • Mittens; to keep their little fingers warm
  • A car seat

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The essentials for mum

  • A nightdress or pyjamas; choose one with an open front if you’re breastfeeding
  • Cool clothes; you’ll be surprised how warm it can be in a hospital
  • Throw away pants
  • Two nursing bras
  • A comfortable going home outfit
  • Toiletries; we suggest your favourite shampoo and a treat shower gel as the first shower after having a baby feels amazing
  • Breast pads; choose washable ones in natural fabrics
  • Sanitary pads; hospitals often provide these but you may prefer your own brand
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • A dressing gown
  • Lipbalm
  • Body lotion
  • Your own pillow; it’ll make you feel more comfortable
  • A water bottle; the bigger the better as having a baby is thirsty work and the cups provided are quite small

Essentials for your birthing partner

  • A change of clothes
  • A camera
  • A phone
  • Chargers for the above
  • Snacks
  • A book; it’s not always exciting
  • The obvious: emergency numbers and an ID to check-in

Hospitals will usually provide you with; nappies, babywipes, tissues, wet wipes, nursing pads, cotton wool, pain relievers and a sponge. 

Generally, you’ll spend one potentially two days in the hospital before coming home, but it can be less which is why you don’t need to pack too much. If you do have to stay longer friends and family can pick up more supplies. 

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