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3 Simple Meditation Techniques To Try Today

3 Simple Meditation Techniques To Try Today

Pregnancy and life as a new mum can be both a wonderful and anxious time.  With so many questions and much to do for your baby it can feel overwhelming. Meditation is something you can do anytime, anywhere and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Kim Sprague ( shares three simple techniques you can try for between 4 and 8 minutes whenever you can.

Find a quiet spot when you can sit comfortably, on a chair or on the floor.  Use a cushion to prop your hips up so they sit higher than your knees and, if on the floor, try having your back supported against a wall.  Close your eyes gently and begin.

  • Breathing meditation: Focus on your breath by feeling it come into the body and leave it.  Notice the rise and fall of your chest. Let the breath happen naturally, without control. Watch the inhale and exhale cycle on repeat, and feel the mind calm over time.

  • Visualisation meditation: Think of a happy memory or special place you have visited, perhaps a beautiful beach, your wedding day or a special afternoon with friends.  Take yourself back to that memory, picture exactly where you were and who was there. As you breathe experience all the details of that moment one by one - the sights, sounds, smells and, most importantly, how it made you feel. Sit with those happy feelings through your meditation.
  • Mantra meditation: A mantra is a simple sound or special phrase that helps to
    focus the mind.  Some examples are ‘I am calm’, ‘My baby is safe and happy’ or the yogic mantra ‘So Hum’. Repeat the mantra either internally to yourself or out loud, as you inhale and exhale, to help quieten mental chatter.

  • Sign up to ‘Five Days to Meditate’ and receive 5 x free guided meditations with Kim here:

    More information about Kim’s pregnancy/ post natal classes can be found at

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