A Better Night's Sleep With The Clever Sleeping Bag

A Better Night's Sleep With The Clever Sleeping Bag

We always want you & baby to sleep better, and that's why we designed our MORI Sleeping Bag.

Sleep is that one thing that all parents are constantly looking for. We want you to feel energised and relaxed after a long day, but how can that be accomplished? With little one sleeping undisturbed & regularly. Parenting can be simplified with more sleep, leaving you feeling human enough to embrace those quiet moments.

Comforted by a sense of safety in a sleeping bag, they will snooze easier & for longer, so you have some well-deserved time for yourself. Whether you use it to catch up on zzz’s or Netflix, that’s up to you.

Caring Comfort

When choosing a sleeping bag you want something that is made from natural & organic materials so that it feels super-soft on little one’s sensitive skin. If they’re wrapped in something that makes them uncomfortable, they’ll wake up continuously, which is exactly what you’re looking to avoid. Fabrics such as bamboo & cotton are the ultimate in being gentle, meaning baby will sleep soundly through the night.

A Better Sleep All Round

Your baby needs lots of rest to ensure they’re developing properly. Being new to this world is exhausting work, so it’s important that they get plenty of undisturbed sleep around the clock. Just how we need to refresh with some slumber, babies do too, so the sleeping bag will make drifting into dreams a smooth process.

Sleeping Safe

You need something that is versatile to keep your baby at a snug temperature through bitter winter nights and cool during warm summer days. A breathable sleeping bag is important to make sure they don’t overheat, especially as newborns can’t regulate their own temperature. Sleeping bags also ensure that your baby doesn't slip down with adjustable arm holes that hold them in place, so you have peace of mind that they’re always safe.

Travelling Easy

Often when you have thoughts about driving through scenic mountains they’re followed by heart palpitations induced by the realisation that you’ll have a screaming child in tow. With a unique seat belt opening & double direction zipper, you’ll never have to disturb little one on the move again, making sleeping effortless in every place possible. Your dream road trip can be full of memorable moments instead of stressful pitstops.

Growing Up

You’re most likely imagining that every few months you’re going to have to spend an unfriendly amount on purchasing a new sleeping bag, but fortunately, you won’t have to. Designed with adjustable arms and length, our sleeping bags will grow alongside your baby. Suitable from newborn to 2years, it means they’re a gentle alternative to swaddling and will make transitioning from cot to bed a simple step.

Simplifying Life

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to delicately dress your little being, even more so when clothing has no easy openings. Arms snaps and double direction zipper makes changing quick and easy. MORI sleeping bags are also easy to care for and very lightweight which makes them a versatile essential for protecting your little one.

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