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Gift Guide: Baby’s First Christmas

From sleepsuits to wooden rattles, we've got you covered when it comes to what to buy baby this Christmas.

Gift Guide: Baby’s First Christmas

From sleepsuits to wooden rattles, we've got you covered when it comes to what to buy baby this Christmas.

A baby's first Christmas is a milestone that parents will want to celebrate with photographs, memoirs and memories. We know that you want to give someone special's little one something thoughtful & useful, but it's not always easy choosing. We've put together a simple gift guide with some of the best presents to gift them this year. 

Mum and dad will have already bought their little one most of the essentials that they'll need in the newborn to 3 month stage, so you'll be able to think ahead for the future & include a few luxuries for baby.


Babies grow exceptionally quick, so it's always a good idea to purchase some essentials for them in the next size up to help mum & dad be ready for the next few months. Alternatively, you can get them a few more essentials that they might not have had time to purchase yet.

Sleepsuits & bodysuits: During the first 2 years of a little one’s life there isn’t going to be a moment where a sleepsuit or bodysuit isn’t needed, as they are worn every day. Considered as baby’s second skin, it’s super important to only buy these items in safe and soft fabrics, as they will dictate baby’s comfort. If you buy them in a size bigger than currently needed, baby’s parents will be really grateful knowing they have more waiting for the 3-6 month stage.

Towel: It’s perfectly fine to use a normal towel to begin with for a baby, however, the process is far easier with a specifically designed hooded baby towel. All parents will love a gift that makes bath time more straightforward. They’re sized perfectly for a baby and often made from materials that absorb more & dry quicker. Babies lose heat from their heads so it’s important to keep them dry and warm after bath time. Some towels can also be personalised with their name, for an added special touch.

Blanket: It’s always nice to have more than the one baby blanket, especially those made from high-quality, organic fabrics as they’re far more delicate on little one’s skin. Nothing is worse than an itchy blanket, and you don’t want baby to grow up and call you the Aunt or Uncle that gave them that horribly uncomfortably cover.

Muslins: The most versatile item on the whole list as they can used for nearly anything; a swaddle, a cover-up, or as a nighttime comforter. MORI muslins are loosely woven from pure cotton, which means they’re lightweight to be breathable during summer days and parents can carry as many as needed in their bag. 

Sleeping Bag: Parents could continuously ask Santa for a good night’s rest for Christmas or you could buy them a baby sleeping bag. By keeping little one at just the right temperature all night and preventing them from becoming uncovered, sleeping bags allow baby to sleep soundly. The MORI Clever Sleeping Bag also lasts for a couple of years so you can give Mum & Dad peace of mind knowing that they’ll be resting for some time.



Toys are most definitely an essential when it comes to babies. Having something to keep them entertained and act as a permanent best friend, is a must. The perfect toy will be kept for generations to come.

Wooden: If mum and dad’s home is a Scandi dream, then the wooden toy will complement perfectly against white walls and wooden floors. The majority of wooden toys are crafted from natural, untreated wood, which means they’re safe for a baby to chew on. That’s right, a decorative toy, that’s safe to play with & be nibbled on – it’s the perfect parental paradise. We’ve crafted a range of gift bundles featuring simple yet natural wooden toys, in collaboration with our friends at Sarah & Bendrix.

Teethers: Innovation is the word when it comes to the current teething toys that are on the market. If you’re buying for a mum that’s conscious about more than just baby clothing, one of the latest designs for teething toys is a teething necklace. Mum can wear something stylish whilst also relieving little one of any teething pain they’re having. We love this one from Jellystone.

Plush: As much as we love wooden toys, they’re not ideal for a baby to cuddle up with during the night. Little ones love the soft feeling of a new found friend, especially when it’s their favourite animal. One company we love is Cuddle + Kind as for every teddy they sell, they provide 10 meals for children in need, which inspires us and reminds us to always be kind.


Literature ignites the mind when you are little & gives you something to dream about when you’re still learning about this new world. Books help babies to learn, understand concepts & develop feelings. Some books will become heirlooms for years to come, and even create stories themselves. You’ll know you bought the Where The Wild Things Are book that little one recalls reading with mum & dad while sipping on warm milk in their favourite cosy blanket.


Delicate skin needs extra love and care, so it’s worth giving something that’s been made from natural elements. Parents always worry about keeping their baby safe, so with natural ingredients, they can be sure that little one’s skin is protected from anything that might irritate it or make them feel uncomfortable. Many brands now also offer bundles that include similar products for mum and baby, so you can show you’re thinking about mum as well as little one. One of our favourite brands that provide essential oils for mum & baby is Neal’s Yard Remedies, so we’ve collaborated with them to create a range of exclusive gift hampers.


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