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5 tips For Making Baby's First Christmas Truly Special 

5 tips For Making Baby's First Christmas Truly Special 

The first Christmas with baby is always going to be one of the most special times. There are new memories to be made, new family members for baby to meet and fun to be had. With this in mind, Han-Son from Daddilife speaks about how to make moments that will last forever. 

dad with baby on christmasWhy a baby's first Christmas is so special

Christmas and babies go together like sprouts and crackers at this time of year – if you had a baby within the last 11 months then the next couple of weeks are going to be super special as the traditional magic of Christmas is taken to another level thanks to your little bundle of joy.

Whether your baby was born back on Boxing Day last year or in the last few weeks, this first Christmas with your new son or daughter will be one to remember and here are five ways to really cement those memories for dads everywhere.

1) Take a brilliant picture

Babies are for life, not just for Christmas, but while your little darlings may be full of smiles and cute giggles on December 25, they will have no lasting memory of it. But you can be the hero in your household by creating a cracking keepsake – an extra special photograph of them at home in the build-up to the big day. 

We’re not talking just a simple snap, but a chance for dads to get creative - so dress them up in a special Christmas jumper to give them a cool Scandinavian look or how about creating a nativity set up to really remember baby’s first Christmas?

You have one chance to use your offspring as the star of the show as next year they’ll be well on their way to being a rampaging toddler. So take advantage while they are still small and relatively still enough by wrapping them up in a blanket and construct a makeshift manger or simply use a Moses basket.

Tea towels and sheets make great props for mum and dad to play Mary and Joseph and cuddly toys can be used as nativity animals – why not use teddy bears as the Three Wise Men? 

Use the self-timer on your phone, tablet or camera and create a hilarious snap that you can share online or even better, turn into a canvas for yourselves or for your babies’ grandparents.

christmas lights2) Light up baby's first Christmas

Throughout this year as your baby has become more aware of his or her surroundings, you’ll probably have noticed how their attention is magically drawn to light – and lights are everywhere at Christmas time.

Wrap your little tot up nice and warm, remember to pack some drinks in kids water bottles and take them out and about to your nearest town – they’ll love the sights of Christmas trees, lights and shop window displays – it’ll stimulate their senses and, like Santa, will deliver guaranteed festive happiness.

So many baby toys and baby gadgets are themed around the sensory experience that comes from light, it seems crazy to ignore something so obvious that can be literally on your doorstep.

3) Unleash those festive feet

Your baby has a couple of great assets that can be used to your advantage and ensure both an emotional connection for years to come and something to maximise Christmas cuteness.

We’re talking about their hands and feet, which, with the aid of some paint can be used to make some stunning Christmas cards. Your baby will love having their hands or feet dipped in some festive gold or silver child-friendly paint and placed on to black card.

This really shows their feet brilliantly – and such is the shape of feet in particular, that they can be used to make angels, reindeers, even snowmen to create the ultimate personal Christmas card.

4) Embrace the outdoors

If this is your first child then this could be your last Christmas without having to push them around in a pushchair. This may not sound like a big deal now, but in years to come you’ll wish you did more before everything had to revolve around that pushchair!
Be the envy of every other dad out there and use one of the best baby gadgets out there – the baby carrier. While your baby is still light enough, pop them in a baby carrier and take yourself and your partner out for a liberating winter walk.

You don’t have to be stuck indoors over Christmas with the heating on maximum as you slowly go stir crazy. Your baby will certainly enjoy that feeling of fresh air – go and feed the ducks, walk in the park or enjoy a clutter-free trip to the coffee shop, not forgetting to bring kids water bottles for your little prince or princess. Get out and play more.

baby with christmas tree5) Let them sing

Christmas carol services are everywhere at this time of year and they are the perfect place for your baby. While outdoor services in the daytime are great as long as your baby is wrapped up warm, the early evening services are a perfect place to bond with your little one.

The combination of warmth, darkness, singing, candles and the early evening make them ideal places for you all to enjoy some quality Christmas time. Babies will be very welcome at church services and, although the singing and cosiness may send your little one to sleep, their face when they see a candle for the first time is always worth a picture.

To make Christmas that bit more magical, MORI are offering 3 vouchers worth £150 to spend. Simply hashtag #MORImoments in your special family moments on Instagram and we’ll pick one winner at random each week until the end of December!

Good luck, and Merry Christmas.

From building healthy bonds no matter the weather to potty training toddlers to dad jokes; Daddilife curate the very best Dad content for everything you need to know. You can read more stories over on their website.


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